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Ehrgeiz - Playstation - My 6 year old son and I decided to play one of my old Playstation games by the name of Ehrgeiz. Even though he is 6 he is extremely good at video games. He kicked my butt numerous times in this game until I finally used the character he was playing.

Strike Suit Zero - PC - Trying to get past 2nd level -  This game is pretty cool. The graphics are very polished and look extremely nice. The feeling that you're flying in space is done very well in the fact if you spin your ship upside down you cannot tell which way is up or down, because in space you probably can't tell.

Zombie Driver - PC - Slaughter mode - Zombie Driver is a very fun zombie apocalypse type of game that is played from a top down view like that of the original PS1 Grand Theft Auto games. You drive cars and take on missions while being attacked my hordes of zombies. The graphics are very good and the game play works really well. You also have weapons for your cars/trucks which do run out of ammo, but you can find more around the areas you are in. The sound also is really nice and definitely fits the scenes. There are few different modes too such as Story Mode, Blood Race and Slaughter. There are many different cars, upgrades, bonuses and hidden items to extend the fun factor of the game. The ruined landscape gets quite stained with blood as you drive through the big crowds of undead. Fun! Check this one out if you get a chance.

Symphony - Trying it out - Symphony is a fun game that uses your own music (and it's own if you don't have any). Depending on the music it can get pretty fast and crazy. The game play is very good as well as the sound and graphics. The colors have a very nice neon look to them and change according to the speed of the music. It's pretty cool and worth playing. The game also has rewards which give you additional items. It's especially nice to use your own music.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 - I did bad on this one - Surgeon Simulator is very tough and the controls are hard to get used to. When first playing you'd think they should call it drunk simulator. I seriously tried my best at first, then goofed off a bit. I jabbed my hand with a needle which caused the trippy rainbow colors near the end of the clip. I almost finished the level but could not figure out what to do next. The game is actually very fun despite the odd controls.

Goat Simulator - The developers that made this game apparently do not take anything seriously, which is why this game is awesome! Yes there may be glitches, but that adds to the fun. You can do so many crazy things and there are so many hidden goodies. Also there are many cool mods you can get through Steam. For a lot of fun and good laughs I suggest getting this game.

Testing the Play Claw Game Recording Software - Beat Hazard recording test -Testing Play Claw for recording game sessions (via Steam). It works very well so far. You can also have the webcam overlay, which I'll do soon when I start previewing games. I'm very happy with this program and will make it my main recording application for gaming. Get it here -

Father vs Son - My son and I play a lot of video games, and quite a few are versus ones. He's 10 and I'm 47. I've been playing since 1979 and he's been playing since he was about 3. Don't let the age difference fool you.... he is really good at video games :) In this clip we are playing Nidhog 2, which is a lot of fun.